Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

06 April 2004


Tonight I saw the incredible Spring Summer Autumn Winter and... Spring.  Wow.  This is definitely a movie that was meant to teach me.  I came out of Dogville feeling self-satisfied, arrogant, and confident that most of my political leanings were accurate.  I leave Spring... feeling like there is much that I need to work on for myself.  There is much that I could do that I do not do.  There is much to teach and there is much to learn.

I feel like crying again.  This movie has made me feel so full emotionally.  I am going to go to bed soon, but I wanted to get this out.  I got out my journal from the Voice Intensive, ostensibly to look up the song Madison sang to me yesterday, but then I began to reread it.  The things I have written in this book!  The wisdom that I have chronicled in this book is amazing.  Truly.  I need to read it again just to remember the wisdom that I carry with me.  Too often I can get caught up in personalities and pettiness.  I must remember the four agreements and I must remember the things that I know.

EVERYONE should go see Spring...  I feel very moved on a spiritual level... as an atheist.  My spirit is moved by what this film says.

Namastë, everybody.