Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

01 April 2004

Sexual Chocolate!

I just got an email from Andrew Cohen saying he's going to the Voice intensive and asking me questions about it.  Yay for him!  I emailed him a whole bunch of answers.  I really need to visit the VI website and see what they're up to up there in Van.  Hmmmm.  Good times up at the VI.  I have such a warm loving place in my heart for UBC.  *sigh*

I went to Cloud 9 rehearsal tonight.  They weren't really ready for me to come, but I had some good conversations with folks, including my friends Wahima, Ashley, and Jeremy. 

refused to talk to me, as if we aren't friends, but whatever to that since my good friend Samantha was there.  I miss her sometimes, though she wasn't really on her game in terms of energy tonight.

Cloud 9 is in decent shape, but needs producing to a certain extent in my opinion.

Wahima and I had a lot of dialogue today about gayness and such and there are a lot of interesting things that are in Cloud 9 that I don't think I even think about very often.  I called myself a little homophobic and I think I am to a certain extent and I think it's important to point that out or realize it when I am being homophobic.  Perhaps, too, what I am calling my homophobia is linked with sex as much as whatever else I feel in the world is.  (For you too, Wa.)  I mean, for me the really really feminine in a man is not sexy and so I don't like to see it in a man.  But then I think that is something that isn't just "not sexy" to me, but that it is not sexy to me because of my own prejudices and ideas about what and who a man should be.  I cannot allow that such a person is a man, it is not just that I don't want to have sex with him.  I am kind of rambling but it all makes sense in my head.  If this makes sense to others go ahead and comment, you can't really offend me, so comment away.