Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

19 April 2004

U Got It Bad (in the words of Usher)

Be wise.  Be smart.  Behave your heart.

Jaime and I made April 19th resolutions.  I resolved to finish at least four more "Statements of Purpose" by June 30th.  This is actually do-able.

I watched a movie today and I don't want to give away the ending, so I'll just have my discussion and not mention which movie spawned the topic.  I hate hate hate movies where the queen dies at the end.  Fuck the guy who can't tell the other guy (usually the more fem guy) that he loves him.  Fuck that guy.  And fuck the part of the movie where the fem guy dies.  And then fuck the other guy again when he realizes how much he loved the fem guy once he's already dead.  Fuck this plot and the thousand times that we've seen it.  I am opposed to watching these kinds of movies, and generally I refuse to do so.  I recently got this one on Netflix as a recommendation from the Film Bitch and so I was excited about it.  I love the romance and all, but I am so sick of the plot where the gay guys or lesbians don't end up together.

I feel like this idea of the gay people ending up apart and alone is some kind of idea foisted upon us by straight society (and also the closeted--dare I say suicidal--society of early Twentieth century homosexuals like Lillian Hellman and emulated by late Twentieth century homosexuals like Terrence McNally).  These stories where one of the couple that belongs together--and would end up together in a Hollywood movie--ends up dying of AIDS, or dying in some other horrific way, or one of them ends up going "straight", or they just end up apart because of vague notions of sin or guilt or duty.  Give me movies like The Broken Hearts Club or All over the Guy or Maurice any day over movies like Nico and Dani or Get Real or Kissing Jessica Stein or Mambo Italiano or The Kiss of the Spider Woman any day of the fucking week.

The Baskin Robbins flavor Key Lime Pie really is quite delicious.  I recommend it to all.