Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

26 April 2004

The Heat

I really want to go home and fix my sink. I think there was a song a while ago called "fix my sink" that I heard on KCRW when I used to listen to that station. I distinctly remember being in my car and near Ashley & Elizabeth's old place on Citadel. I was probably on my way to do yoga with Kelly Norris.

Derek doesn't want me to move away, but I am going to eventually. I have to go to school at some point.

I told Linda I would take the job for next year, so I will be directing in the Black Box for 2004-2005. She wants me to do Winter, but I think I'd like to do Fall... so I don't get stuck with the leftovers from Twelfth Night. I am giving her five plays to read: Greenberg's The American Plan, DeLillo's Valparaiso, Melissa James Gibson's [sic], plus Pterodactyls and Raised in Captivity, both by Nicky Silver. We shall see... I think I'd kind of like to do [sic].

I haven't talked to Zamora yet. I guess I'll wait for him to call me... at least until tomorrow.