Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

15 April 2004

There's a Slicktown, Barnaby

Last night, Ms. Wahima and I went to Old Town and walked around to show off her infinitely fabulous shoes.  The two of us were going on and on about these shoes all night.  They look so good!  We went to the Paseo after we ate and she convinced me to see Hellboy... which was not bad at all.  I still hate the idea that a PG-13 movie gets to be as violent as it wants, but because there's no blood, it still gets its rating.  It seems so bogus... and quite frankly, I prefer to see some blood in a movie.  Hellboy has some really revolting scenes but it still is okay for 13-year-olds (!)  Whatever.  This is an old song of mine.  By the way, Spider-Man 2 looks like it's gonna fucking rock.

Hellboy (as predicted by Jeff Wells) has a great ending.  It really is good times.  And Hellboy himself is damn funny.  BTW: I could not think of Selma Blair's name through the whole movie.  She is so not important to me as a performer.

James Snyder called me yesterday and we sort of caught up.  I was at work.  I was glad he called, though.  I hadn't heard from him in a long time.  (I seem to get a lot of calls from folks during the season of taxes.  Thank god it will be over soon.)

Sorry to the EME folks.  I will not be attending the show this Friday.  I wish y'all would try keeping it on the day you say you're gonna have it.

Linda and Bill offered me a directing job for next year... for less money than I got this year.  When I heard that, and after this whole LLL fiasco, my heart sank.  I feel like a longsuffering wife just waiting for the department to change, for them to see that it is I who truly loves them.  They won't though, and I just keep feeding this.  Grrr.

Happy Tax Day All.