Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

09 April 2004

Go Pound Sand!!???

Where does this expression "pound sand" come from?  I mean, who was actually putting sand up their ass, and who decided that a correct verb for this was "pounding?"  Very strange.

I am becoming sensitive about cursing in public, I feel.  The other day, my cousin Angie was cursing up a storm, and I was getting really self-conscious.  Not that I am opposed to cursing (fuck shit ass bitch cunt shooby-do-doo-wop), but I have a very strong sense of propriety, and I don't think it's polite for people who don't know me to hear cursing in my vicinity.  Maybe this kind of has something to do with the whole "people that other people see" thing (The Wreck on the Five-Twenty-Five).  But there really are certain behaviors that don't need to go on in public: cursing, discussions of poo, explicit sex.  In general, these things are banned in my house in addition to mentions of terrorism/cow. (Notice how I refuse to discuss her by name, too, horrible vitriolic bitch that she is.)

I don't know where I am going with this, and I will naturally curse in my journal all the time, but in public... like in a shop or on a street, cursing just isn't necessary.  I wonder whose influence this is.

I am supposed to give Linda some plays I would like to direct next year.  These are my ideas:

Pterodactyls, The America Plan, and Valparaiso.

Hey Aaron: you want to direct something this summer?  What?  Can I act in it?