Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

11 April 2004

No Monday in Your Sunday Clothes

Derek was in fine form tonight.  We were both late.  What's retarded is that we call one another to say that we're gonna be late when we both know that the other will be late too.  He was sooo fucking funny tonight.  He had me in hysterics.  I love his dry deadpan delivery of everything he says.  :)

We went to Borders...

and then we went to Barnes & Noble's...

and then we went to the Target...

ALL of which were closed.  They like their Christianity in Montclair, I guess.  I think it's so weird.  While we were at Borders several people drove up: no small number of customers for a Sunday evening.  So weird that it was closed.  I know I'm an impious irreligious motherfucker, and if I had religion I would probably want the day off too, but you'd think that a bookstore would have a few employees who were Buddhist or Jewish or Muslim or Atheist and could therefore let all their Christian employees have the day off but still be open to paying customers.  Oh well.  No sweat, really, I just think it's strange.

I have to go to bed now because I am going in to work at 8:00a.

I want ice cream, but there really is no reason for me to eat that.  So I won't.

For Julie's birthday (which was on the 8th), we're all going to El Pescador in Whittier on the 16th (my Dad's birthday).  I know I took a friend who wasn't one of the constants to El Pescador once... I think it was Justin.  I don't know if he still reads this blog, but if you do, Justin, did we go to a crazy karaoke restaurant in Whittier once after seeing the Kurt Weill revue at Whittier College that Josh Machamer directed? 

Wow.  Old times, I guess.  When I was in high school, we used to go to El Pescador all the time because they didn't card.  I remember for some reason ordering a "lava colada" which was some fruity strawberry beverage.  The alcohol was in there somewhere, but rather indefinable at that.

I feel the room swaying and the band playing one of our favorite songs from way back when.

Karaoke.  I don't think I have ever performed karaoke in my whole life.  I don't feel sad about this.

Okay, my bioré strip is dry.  Good night, all.