Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

19 April 2004

Two Day Update

Okay, first off, Love's Labour's Lost really wasn't that bad.  In the first place it was only an hour and a half long, in the second place, along with the boring parts there were also some really nice moments, plus one fall-on-the-floor-funny sequence involving Leo and a banjo-(uke)lele.  I want to definitely thank Aaron, Kim and Wahima for their hard work.

Yesterday I met Ayana and all of her family at Disneyland.  They were an hour late so I was at Disneyland by myself for an hour.  What does one do at Disneyland by one's self for an entire hour?  I followed a cute guy for about 10 minutes just to see where I would go and then I had a spinach salad at the Orleans Cafe and then I listened to swing music at the Carnation Plaza.

As I said, the entire family was there.  They were there mostly to see shows, though, so Peggy, Ayana, Edana, Naila, Alonna, and Eli all went to see Snow White and since Nathan wanted to go to the rockets, Nicci and Jason and Nathan and I went to Tomorrowland.  So we took Nathan on Star Tours and the Rockets and then we saw the Buzz Lightyear show.  (Cheese times a million).  Then they all wanted to go on Autopia, and since I have a car and I don't much like driving it, much less toy cars where I can't use my cell phone, Ayana and I went on the Matterhorn and talked a while.  Then we met the fam again and rode the train to Main Street.  I left there and drove to my dad's house.

My parents have decided they're not moving.  Whatever, again.

Dad and I went to South Coast Rep to see Safe in Hell.  My friend Madison is in the show, and she had warned me ahead of time that the play was sort of uneven.  Dad liked it.  We talked about it all the way home (a good 40 minutes).  I hated it.  I realize, that what I take away from a show is how I feel about the show and not specifics from the show.  If the show has me laughing all the way through, I leave saying the show is great, if, like this show, there are 20 minute chunks without a laugh, I am going to leave pissed off.  The ending is almost tragic and not even close to comical.  This show is very uneven and I would recommend it to no one.  The casting is all wrong, too.  Which is not to say the actors aren't good.  Every one of them is very talented, but the play needs weaker (shorter/ganglier/less pretty) actors than the actors they have in certain parts.  The main problem is the direction.  This may not be an easy question to ask, but I wish the director had asked "Is this a comedy or a drama?"  Then maybe I would have an answer, but as it stands, I have no clue.

Disneyland in the middle of the day makes me sunburned today.

I saw my old friend last night too.  Hi!

I am also really sore from all the walking.

Yay, I get to see Vol. 2 tomorrow.

I have to go to work now.  Get your violins out.