Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

22 April 2004

Loves of a Blonde

Last night Sarah and D and I went to AMPAS to see Loves of a Blonde and hear director Miloš Forman speak.  Trés cool.  I swear this "Academy Gold Standard Series" is the greatest thing.  I've been to the first two, and I guess this goes on like every 2 or 3 weeks.  A rare film every single time, and usually a cool guest... all for $5 and free parking (unheard of in Beverly Hills).

The film was great, and Forman is obviously a pretty brilliant guy.  The interviewer was asking dumb ass questions though.  It was okay, because Forman was giving great answers to the pedantic questions he was being asked.  (He says he consciously made Nurse Ratched a less obvious villain not only to psyche the audience out, but also because he says he knew nurses like this... women who were actually very nice to you if you played by their rules and obeyed them completely... "It's a whole other kind of evil," he said.)  But the interviewer failed to ask about Forman's own cinematic influences and Czech contemporaries not to mention his opinions on contemporary cinema.  Ah well.

After the film, we went to the original Toi on Sunset.  Yum.  Good curry and then green tea ice cream for dessert.

I'm damn tired today, and, I think, a little irritable.  Hmmm.