Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

08 April 2004

Suit yourself

Today was Julie's birthday, and though she cannot drink and it is the Maundy (sp?) Thursday, we decided to hang out after their church services.  So we all met at BJ's in Brea circa 9p.  It was nice... I was very well dressed, had cupcakes in tow, and had a first rate gift for the birthday girl.

Side note: the gift is not about getting the recipient something they'll use or love or even like.  It is about making the giver of the gift look good.  I give fabulous gifts that people love, but the reason for this is that I shop with the philosophy that the whole point is that I look good to everyone at the table... not just the birthday boy/girl.  It sounds vain... but think about it.  Gifts are about so many things... will she/he like it?  will he/she use it?  will she/he appreciate the thought that went into this?  Why not make it about what it is about in the first place: me?  Anyhow...

So I got Julie this enormous purse/basket in flourescent pink for going to the beach.  Inside the purse was the most interesting vase I have seen in a very long time: 2 panes of glass with a vase in between them... it's very hard to explain.  Julie loved it.  She even got up from her end of the table and came and hugged me.  Very un-Julie.

Okay: layout.  I sat on the end of the table.  Clockwise: me, Anna, Jaime, Lisa, Scott, Julie, Bobby, Chris, Anita, and Derek.  I talked mostly to Anna and Jaime and Derek.  Bobby and Julie were fighting (as usual) (?).  I also successfully cornered Scott twice and got him to talk about theatre and what he's doing.  If the CSUP folk get their shit together, he really ought to go to a Shakespeare training camp in the summer.  He said his school is gonna try to do Hamlet next year. (!)

2 beers is my limit, I feel.  Any more than that and I am feeling no pain.