Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

30 April 2004


My effort for the weekend is really to take things as slowly as possible.  I was s'pozed to go over to my parents house tomorrow after work, but I think instead I am going to go home, make cornbread, have a sandwich, watch a movie, do laundry... relax.  I am gonna have to drive downtown to see The Talking Cure at the Taper, so I want to rest before that.

I saw C9 tonight.  SOO good.  It really was wonderful.  It's a great play, of course, but I think that you guys really have a lot to be proud of.  I was very moved by the play.  I was a wreck by the end.  That Betty monologue at the end really is some kind of amazing empowering female thing.  I just feel so happy for her and so shocked and so appalled at her society and so delighted that she's found herself and so surprised that she's still scared and so proud that she doesn't cry about it anymore.  The play's finale is such a beautiful moment.  (It could be slower still, in my opinion... I wish they would take time and look at one another and recognize one another.)  But... WOW, guys.  You have to be very proud.

I think, especially, what Cloud 9 reminds me of is the huge span of years—the vast space of time that humanity has crossed to get even to the place we are now in the gender wars.  What a fantastical, wonderful idea that a woman who was raised by Victorians could grow into a woman who appreciates her son's homosexuality and can learn to love herself as a whole person separate from men.  I might cry again just thinking about the enormity of that!

Perhaps tomorrow I will write about ritual in the theatre.  I feel a new Statement of Purpose in the wings.

I rerecorded my voicemail... this one is especially for Justin and Elizabeth... at least, they'll get the joke, though I think it is funny whether you know the joke or not.