Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

17 April 2004

Gin & Tonic for Breakfast

I had a dream I was in a play, and it was a good play written by (of all people) David Ives, but it was about baseball or some other sporting event.  I remember none of the specifics of the show, but I was good in it, and I was the audience favorite (hey, it's my dream).  Mike OT was in it too and a whole bunch of other guys.  I forget where it was, but at the end of it, Christine and Kathy and Kristen came.  Kathy & Kristen had watched it but of course Christine didn't.  At some point, too, I was hanging onto the car they were riding in trying to talk to them and they just kept driving and talking to me as if nothing were different.  (But I didn't feel like an outsider).  Who knows.  My alarm went off.

Yesterday, after watching Summertime with Katharine Hepburn in the afternoon, I headed to the Derby for my dad's birthday.  Mike paid.  It was very nice.  That place really is the nicest restaurant.  Matt Kingston was our waiter.  Mike Nicolarsen works there, too, and so does Cassandra Haddon.  My god, it was like a First Lutheran reunion.  I guess Dustin, who is now the manager, got them all jobs.  Matt was cool.  He is gorgeous, now, of course.  Seriously beautiful in the way I like white guys to be beautiful.  He told me he loves me.  Typical stuff.

Went to El Pescador last night in honor of Julie's birthday/Easter.  Many were there: Bobby, Julie, Anna, Lisa, Betsy (Anna's sister), Scott (he comes to everything, now), Jaime, Zack, Sarah, and someone else from Starbucks named Jamie who everyone called "The Other."  Plus me, though I showed up around nine.  I smoked about 5 cigarettes.  I didn't drink too much, though, because my mom had called me from Hawaii and told me not to.  And it's not like I needed to drink.  I was already talkative from the 2 gin and tonics I had at the Derby.  So I just had one really big margarita.

I wasn't gonna tell Anna about the Matt thing tonight, but then she asked where we went and I said "The Derby" so she asked if I saw him... etc.  She got just like I did last week when she was telling me about when she saw him.  Not that I want to compete, because what I really want to do is support her in everything she does, including pursuing Matt if that's what she wants.  But, I felt a little better about the whole ownership of Matt thing because in actuality, she doesn't feel like she owns him either. (Here ends the petty paragraph).

We had SO MUCH FUN at El Pescador last night.  Derek was drunk off his ass and so was Julie and she was opening gifts and the girls were all singing Karaoke: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and some Madonna song, too.  It was really a blast.  I left around 11:30p, because I have a rehearsal to run this morning.

I am excited for today.  I have plans.  We shall see.

Mike and Debs and Dad were extremely supportive of my decision not to take the CSUP job and they lots of good advice.  I was grateful.

Jeremy called me twice to invite me to Kill Bill, Vol. 2, and Kim Porter called me too.  I felt loved.

Fucking Julie and Bobby went to see the movie in the afternoon because they knew they'd be busy last night.  I don't think I'm gonna see it until Tuesday!  I am so jealous of all who did.