Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

21 July 2004

Bovine on a Wet Afternoon

Steve isn't here.  God Bless America.

Last night was the monthly HOA meeting.  I swear, these meetings are the most boring things ever.  It's a wonder no one goes.  These are the people who attended: the 6 board members who usually go (Margarita, Sally, Charles, Dean {hot}, John and Jim) me, Ann & Mark from my floor, this other old guy from my floor, Delgadillo (he goes every time, too) and then this lady from the first floor who wore sunglasses the entire meeting: these enormous Elton John sunglasses.  The meeting was pretty painful.  We talked about the trees and then the parking garage.  Snore.  Plus, Dean announced that he wasn't going to be president of the board anymore because he's selling his unit.  What a shame.  In addition to being really hot, he is young and as president he's been great.  Oh well.  What can you do?  This lady in the sunglasses kept nattering on and on about how she'd been in the building 18 years la la la.  Who the fuck cares, lady?  I own my piece of property same as you.  It really doesn't matter how long you've owned yours, bitch.  Shut up.  She had severe halitosis as well.  I wanted her to stop breathing as well.  Because you know the bitch had to sit just up-wind of me and send her smelly breath in my direction for two hours.

After the meeting, Kristen picked me up and we went to Bodega, this wine bar in the Paseo.  It was really nice.  I love that girl. 

No more bitching.


I wanted to tell a story about watching this Bryan Forbes movie, Séance on a Wet Afternoon.  It starred Kim Stanley and Richard Attenborough.  The movie's okay.  Kim Stanley is this medium who is fucking nuts who decides she will get Richard Attenborough (her henpecked husband) to kidnap this kid of a wealthy family and then "figure out" where the kid is in one of her trances.  Then she will be a famous psychic and be in all the papers.  Nuts, right, but kind of a nice thriller.  The issue is that the whole time... I mean the whole movie, I kept thinking about COW.  I mean, Kim Stanley is seriously a dead ringer for that bitch.  Same attitude, same slight obesity, same de-voicing, same "I'm a bitch but I think I'm sexy" idea about herself, same unhinged/deranged personality.  I think we were supposed to like Kim Stanley's character, or at least pity her.  Not me, man.  All I could think of was pushing her down the stairs.