Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

25 July 2004

Some Came Running; Some Didn't Come

Jill didn't come to my show last night. I don't get her sometimes. She has been in California for over a month and she has spent two evenings of that time with me. This is the girl who calls me "her favorite" all the time. She was dying to see Thoroughly Modern Millie so what do I do? I get tickets. She drives down the mountain for the show but can't make it in time for dinner. So she gets here at 7:00p and we head down to the Ahmanson. Then she leaves for Lake Arrowhead as soon as the show is over so she can get up for a meeting or some shit. She comes down the mountain to have lunch with another girlfriend on Saturday but instead of coming to Shrew, she goes home.

For someone who is always saying she misses me and how much she loves me she sure doesn't spend much time with me. It's easy to say that she's busy working, etc. I work too, but I cleared this whole weekend out for her. She was supposed to spend the weekend with me... I figured she could just drive down and spend the night here and we could have fun and shit. Nope. Three hours with me to see Millie and then straight back up the mountain. Ridiculous. She left me this message expecting me to be really pissed off.

I'm not mad; I just think that something doesn't jive. Either she wants to see my work or she doesn't. Either I'm her favorite or I'm not. I feel a little like a boy who does everything he can but the girlfriend just never gives any head.

I rewatched Trois Couleurs: Bleu this afternoon. Goddamn! That is a great fucking movie. Zbigniew Presnier's score is out of this world.