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30 July 2004

Review: The Bourne Supremacy

Yeah, my boss is an idiot. I could've stayed late to help him out. Nope.
I went to the movies. He called me with a question as the movie started. I pressed "ignore," and I meant it. He wants passwords to the computer. These are passwords he should already have. He shouldn't be bugging on my time off.
We had a computer guy at work setting shit up today. He was actually just fixing some network hookups that Steve fucked up.
Steve let the guy go early, though, because he figured out that I could do everything that was left.
Not that I did any of it. I went to the fucking movies.
My roommate is leaving until Monday. I will be doing some repairs to the condo since he ain't gonna be here.

The Bourne Supremacy fucking rocked. Anyone who says the camera was hard to follow doesn't watch enough movies. The real problem with the film was the editing. It's too fast in general, but especially in the Munich fight sequence and the Indian car chase. The editing is so fast that you can't get a hold on what's going on. The fight in Munich looked real, too, so it was weird that they chopped it up so bad. It could have looked so much better. Paul Greengrass's work is great; I also really loved Bloody Sunday, but he should have watched Kill Bill: Vol. 1 before he chopped the Munich sequence.
The Bourne Supremacy has the best car chase sequence I have ever seen, bar none. This beats The French Connection, Ronin, The Bourne Identity, The Italian Job (2003), all of them. I promise. The chase is fucking brilliant. My mouth was literally hanging open. It's amazing.
Matt Damon is very cool. Very very cool. But he's not a likeable guy. I think I like him because of guilt. I feel like it's our (America's) fault that he's out there getting shit done to him. And he is cool, but he's not really very nice to anyone. I mean, I wouldn't want to be involved in a relationship with him, or even grab a burger or anything. And forget riding in a car with that guy. I rooted for him and all, but I didn't really like him. (That said, it was kinda cool when he scared the shit out of Julia Stiles's ass.)
The assassin who goes to kill Damon is the hottest guy! And I was trying to figure out where I knew him from until I saw his name: Karl Urban.

What a hottie! He has slimmed down like crazy for The Bourne Supremacy and he looks even hotter than he did in The Two Towers.

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