Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

03 July 2004

Jeremy Day.

So yesterday when I went to work and Steve wasn't there, I decided to look for new employment.  Just looking cursorily around the market, any fool could see that at almost any other accounting firm I would be making twice what I make at American Accounting.  I feel confident about this, and I am pretty strapped for cash nowadays.  I am not going to be leaving for grad school until Aug/Sep 2005, so if I don't get another job now, I'll be at American Accounting for the next year.  That's a whole year, I figure, where I could earn twice as much.  At any rate, the news is that I have an interview with an Employment Agency on Wednesday at 8:00a.  I don't have to be to work until 10:00a, so I figure that gives me enough time.  Their office is in Arcadia.  Wish me luck!

After work, I met Jeremy and Jen at Casa Del Rey in San Dimas and watched them eat, then Jer and I went to go see Spider-Man 2 at Edward's LaVerne 12.  We both hated it a lot.  After this, Jer and I went back to San Dimas to play pool at the Chapparal Lanes.  Ash called me and invited me to Ultimate Improv, but I just can't drive that far anymore after driving to Long Beach every day.  It takes too much out of me, and I was in La Verne... so Westwood seemed like an eternity away.  Sorry, Ash. 

It was a day of Jeremy... which was okay, I guess, but a little weird.  After playing several games of pool, we went to have pizza at Buca di Beppo in Claremont where Brittney works.  Justin and Elizabeth met us there, which was fun, and then we just hung out for an hour or so. And then I decided to go visit my brother Michael, since we were so close to his house.  He seemed happy to see me.  Jer and I were there only around 20 minutes.  I got home around 12:30a or so.  But it was a full day and a nice one.

Vanessa text-messaged me that I should take the weekend off and that they would do everything.  I don't see how that's really possible.  I'll call her today and see what time I can come down on Monday and see the lights.  This scares me.

I feel better about the show, I guess.  I will think about it more today.