Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

08 July 2004

Two Dreams

Dream #1
I had a date with Rufus Wainwright, but he was very cute, much cuter than he is in actual, real life. We kept looking for a coffee shop in Duarte and never finding one: just car dealerships, etc. Then we ran into the guy who plays Stanford on Sex and the City and some other gay guy who I knew. Strange. But at least I was dating again. Rufus and I didn't get on as well as I would have thought. He kept talking about the songs he wanted to put on Want Two. He wasn't too crazy about his ballads and anthems. He wanted more upbeat stuff. (Which, of course, I can usually do without.) In the end I had tickets to something at the Orpheum. It was some one-word name Cirque show or something. I don't know how I got the tickets, but we had time to get to the show and Rufus made up some excuse about having to meet his sisters (who was the chick who is the sister of the White Stripes guy--I'm bad with music guys, sorry), and I didn't want to go by myself to the Orpheum show, so I woke up.

Dream #2
There was an enormous snake and I was in this huge room/loft with 2 sides to it really. I had to keep going from side to side like in some video game where they make you keep doing the same thing for a little while to add hours to their "such-and-such hours of play" claim on the front of the game. The only person I can remember in the dream was Anthony from Shrew. Weird. There was this enormous fucking snake in this dream and it kept chasing me and Anthony, who had started to really hate one another being cooped up in this enormous room with a snake the length of a city block. Eventually we realized there were other people--5 or 6--at the top of the room on top of the wall that separated the sides. But I woke up to the sound of my alarm before anything happened of huge import. I was a bit of an action hero in this dream: never scared of the snake, just wary of its presence at all times.

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