Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

08 July 2004

Slimeballs & Hugging Basis

Jeremy: I'll vote for anyone who's a war hero.

Yours Truly: Like... John Kerry.

Jeremy: He's not a war hero.  He's a douche-bag.

In the end, the show wasn't postponed at all.  In fact, what John did was just embarrassing.  He decided that this Friday and Saturday and next Thursday would be considered "Preview" nights instead of "Performance" nights.  "Fine by me," I said.  All he's doing is playing a small game of semantics with himself.  Fine.  By.  Me.  Then when he sort of announced this to the cast he didn't even say this.  What he said to the cast was that the opening night party would be on the second Friday of the run instead of the first Friday and that tickets to the aforementioned "Preview" shows would be the normal $10.  So... all the cast heard was that the party was postponed a week, which means what it looks like is that he couldn't get all the shit together for the gala in time for Friday.  I'm betting that the reason he didn't say the whole "preview" spiel to the cast is that Mike knew all of his lines today except for the very last scene (V.II).  As I predicted.  Ah well.

Jeremy and Aaron C. came to the show tonight too.  They had some helpful tips and some not-so-helpful tips.  Jeremy can be hit or miss about these things.  Normally he's very helpful, but sometimes he can be... um... critical without being... er... constructive.  It's okay.  I'm a director.  I can usually translate this into action on my part. I am, of course, grateful for their input no matter what I say. Theatre needs to be a collaborative form.

Matt and I are not on hugging basis.  I hug Brittney; I hug Jeremy; to Matt I say, "Peace out."  I offer no analysis of this fact, only the fact itself.

I think that soon I shall post a sort-of review of my own work in the show and my opinion of each of the actors in the show while it is still fresh in my mind.  Maybe if Steve is MIA for a lot of the time, I will do it tomorrow.

John Kerry has chosen John Edwards as his running mate.  We heard this news yesterday.  Whatever.  I will feel so icky voting for this slimeball.  I'm going to do it and all, but I will feel gross.

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