Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

17 July 2004

My Friends Are Such Lunatics

As I was driving home from the official opening night gala of the show, I got a drunk call from Jaime.  She told me that she was at our high school and asked me if I could stop by.  I was just about to get on I-210 West anyway, so instead, I got on I-210 East and headed out to La Verne.  It only took about 10 minutes if you want to know the truth.  Jaime, Julie, Derek and Dyson were there as well as Dyson's roommate Mossimo (I don't care if I'm spelling his name wrong or not: he's not important).  They were drunk off their asses at our old high school for Christ's sake.  Fun.  So we talked for a little while until Jaime made herself sick.  Derek peed on the campus.  Julie and I danced.  Whatever.  It was fun. 

The opening of the show went well, I suppose.  My new opinion of the show is that I think if I hadn't directed it, I would come and see it and then say, "Well, it was funny, but I didn't really like it."  Who the Hell knows.  Mike was great today.  Jensen was also absolutely hysterical.  Greg needs to learn his lines or something.  I think Brittney is getting better and better as we go.  There is an edge to their relationship that has this violence to it... it's not just a cartoony thing.  Their dynamic is dangerous and therefore interesting and worthy of a stage.

Many many people came tonight.  Jeremy and Rob (Kelly's ex... again), Aaron, Kim, Danny, and Becca.  And the show was good, like I said.  I was glad.

It felt like a show that I owned again.