Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

13 July 2004

Gay Marriage

Why I love Diane Feinstein!

"I really believe that this is a waste of time.  The votes are not present to submit this amendment to the states; the timing is just a few months before the election; and family law has always been left to the states."

She is so right!  This is the stupidest thing ever.  They better figure on some re-wording of their little idot amendment if they want it to pass.  Banning gay marriage outright is never going to work.  They need sixty-seven votes, and they don't even have fifty votes--they don't even have forty-five votes!  They're just doing a political stunt.  I might believe they cared about gay marriage and its threat to society if they actually wrote something they thought they could pass.  Fuckers.