Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

05 July 2004

They make oranges HERE?

Show, as predicted, is in fine shape.  Manics 3, Depressives 1 (in case you're keeping score).  I was, however, not surprised to see that the set is nowhere near being done, the piano is still onstage, the costumes are only halfway completed, and there is no lighting to speak of.  It doesn't surprise me that the costume designer and the stage manager are angry at me either.  They're so pissed because I'm unhappy with their progress.  Guess what?  You get your shit done; You won't have to be mad at me for expecting more.  Whatevah.

Like I said, the show is in fine shape.  The only real problem now is Anthony the Vincentio, who won't be attending tomorrow's rehearsals as if he has had an overabundance of rehearsal time.  I consider this to be the producers' fault too, because I would never have cast him had I known this.  I fixed a lot today, and Mike knowing his lines fixed a lot all by itself.

Tomorrow I look forward to somewhat smooth sailing.


Today I visited Madison and Brantley in Valencia, where they now reside.  Madison and Brantley used to live just off of La Cienega and just north of Melrose in the center of WeHo.  Now they've moved to Magic Mountain?!  Weird.  It was fucking far and I was fucking tired and it was fucking hot.  They always called me a suburbanite for living in La Verne.  Valencia is the very definition of suburbia.  I was stunned.  Their house is cute and sweet and they seem very happy there, but it's suburbia.

They remind me of my parents in a lot of ways, which is probably why I visit them so infrequently.  We never do anything together.  They always want to stay in.  Boo to that.  I can stay in at my house.  If I get off my ass and drive down to West Hollywood or up to Valencia, I expect to go somewhere, not sit and watch TV.  But I love them and I hadn't seen them in ages and they were delighted to see me, so... that's good, I guess.