Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

09 July 2004

Danger Will Shakespeare

Boy have I missed Wahima! We must have talked on the phone last night for an hour and a half! She had me rolling talking about all of the people who come to Rialto's Starbucks. Hilarity.

Oh. Yeah. I meant to mention that we had to stop the show last night. John, while making the set, decided he was going to use actual wood for the "deck." There's a platform, and then he has put wood down on the platform in some sort of pattern. Instead of cutting all the wood at the edge of the platform, though, some of the little pieces of wood have maybe ten inches on the platform, and then hang over the platform three or four inches. So, of course, when people step on these little pieces of wood, they break, come unscrewed and look to cause danger to a cast mostly in bare feet and shorts. This happened during Act Two last night but Vanessa didn't stop the show! I turned around and said something to John, but he just nodded. So I went in to the booth and told Vanessa to stop the show until we could fix the problem. She still didn't stop the show! So I went into the theatre, told the actors to stop, and we waited for John to go repair the deck. This place... I swear.