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04 July 2004

Party Downtown

I am getting fat again.  Boo to that.

At some point this evening we discussed Cold Creek Manor vs. Cold Comfort Farm, but I couldn't remember when Cold Creek Manor came out.  I looked it up.  It was 2003.  On last year's film rankings, it scored a whopping 56 out of the 59 movies I saw, worsted only by Matchstick Men, The Matrix: Revolutions, and The Haunted Mansion.  Wow.  I really must've thought it sucked.  I still love Sharon Stone, though. 

Okay, tonight I went to a party for Ashley's boyfriend, Danny.  The party was held at the home of Mike OT, some cat named Brendan, and some other guy who never came home, even though we left around 1:00a.  I went with Elizabeth and Justin, who normally keep to themselves, but tonight we carpooled and ended up spending the evening together because the people at the party just weren't sociable.  That's a lie.  Danny is society himself.  He was easily the nicest, most party-aware, mixer-friendly person there.  And it was his birthday, after all, that we were celebrating.  (It was weeks ago, but who's counting?) 

The other person I knew there was Becca, who is very nice, and who I met at Harry Potter 3.  She's fun times.  Mike OT was nice to us, too, and tried to be sociable.  For the most part, though it was Ultimate Improv people who I didn't know.  (I did try to flirt with Matt Jones, but it just ended up being slightly pathetic and un-memorable.  Let's forget it happened.  Done.  Glad that's over.)

It was a little like being at a company function for a company where you don't work.  Everyone there had history... even Elizabeth and Justin, really.  I felt out of place.  I was telling Justin and Elizabeth on the way home, that normally at functions like this, I am a really good mixer.  I know how to get people to talk, and I put people at ease quickly.  Not this party, man.  Everyone there was a performer.  Sheer madness. 

Still it was fun.

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