Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

01 July 2004

Lunch hour

The very cute Chinese-American girl who is the manager of Quizno's asks me if I want chips with my Traditional on wheat and I say, "No, chips are bad for you."  She says I don't have to worry about that.  I thank her, but I don't believe her.  I guess this blue shirt hides the fat that spills over the top of my Mexx pants better than I thought.  I sit with Jeremy's notes and try to peruse them and think about how I will tell each of the actors good things and what they need to know to improve.  Things are going to be fine and I know it.  Jeremy's notes are really good.  I start to people-watch after a while.  I am staring at this little girl and wondering if she will ever grow up to be a lady.  It is always a gamble.  Her mother is not a lady, but that doesn't mean this girl won't grow up to be one.  The Quizno's manager is very nice and friendly, and the next time I come to the restaurant I get $5 off of my lunch. 

Linda calls me.  She thinks that my "Language of film" message is the funniest thing she's ever heard.  She is very excited about moving to Palm Springs, she says.  She says that copies of Pterodactyls are now available in Marie's office.  I wonder if I can go pick up my original copy.  I don't ask her this, though.  She won't know the answer.  It's summer all around me.  Linda says that they're gonna do Shakespeare at CSUP next summer.  Would I like to be involved?  I tell her yes, but I am not so sure.  Shakespeare, always Shakespeare.  I'd say he were lucky that his works are still so popular, but he's dead, so he couldn't possibly give a toss about it.  Linda wishes me luck on the show and asks for news of its progress.  She says she will come opening night, but one never knows with her.  I love to talk to her.  She is always so excited and giddy.

I should pick up my dry-cleaning, but instead I go back to work.  I want to finish Ariel.  Perhaps I shall if Steve leaves later this afternoon.