Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

16 July 2004

Guess Who's in a Mood.

Yesterday I drove to Long Beach for only one reason: to give a small pep-talk to my actors.  Then I told them that I was going home.  I was going to go do something fun, but I ended up doing nothing.  I was just so tired.  I get tired.  And plus, I have this feeling that De-Lovely is going to just suck and I didn't want to go watch a shitty movie after seeing something as good as The Door in the Floor the night before.

I was glad I gave the actors the pep talk, though.  They appreciated it.  Except Katie, man.  That girl is bitter like no other.  I want to smack her and say "cheer the fuck up, bitch."  How do actors become divas like that?  Like Joe Ngo or this girl Katie... What have you been so fabulous in that you are to good to do this work?  Also, if you don't look like a leading man/lady, most likely, you will not get cast as one.  This is something that the actor can change, but instead of changing it, they decide to diva themselves out and be bitter.  Not fair.  It's their own shit, and I don't stay up nights thinking about it, but it makes me not want to cast these kinds of people... I wouldn't cast Katie if I had to do it over.

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