Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

12 July 2004

This evening, after getting off of work, I headed down to Beverly Hills to see One Night of Love with Grace Moore, the opera singer.  She was lovely, and she had a beautiful voice.  The film was a rather thick romantic musical with Lyle Talbot and some other guy I didn't know.  It was actually pretty much the same plot as My Fair Lady, but with singing opera instead of talking reg'lar.  I had a very nice time at the Academy, even though most of the people there are septuagenarians.  They're not so bad as long as they keep to themselves.  I even heard two very old women in front of me talking about gay marriage and why it should be legal.  (I was listening to their conversation, if you want to know, because they said something about Rudolph Valentino marrying two lesbians in a row!) 

This film series is the best thing ever!  I swear.  It's $3 a show and each of these movies is a really good print of an old classic.  Plus they show all of these little shorts and newsreels and things before the picture.  Tonight's short had Bing Crosby (heavily made up, for some reason) and Gary Cooper and Mary Pickford and Richard Cromwell.  So cool.  Bing even sang.