Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

04 August 2004

Talking Shop

I was thinking about actors this morning.  It's so strange.  Last night, at a party for a good friend, the rooms were filled with actors.  They were popping out of every corner.  But no one talks about theatre or acting.  We barely, in fact, talked about movies.  This is fine, and would be kind of refreshing, I suppose, but I realized that when I'm with this group (2 or 3 groups, really) we never talk about acting.  When I'm with Kristen, it always comes up.  With Andrew, it was pretty much the only topic that ever came up.  Allan and I always talk about theatre, too.  I remember I was so shocked when Kevin started talking about acting at the cast party on Friday.  I didn't know he even thought about acting.  And yet, the only reason it came up was because Mike Steger was there and he always wants to talk about it too.

It's not that I'm completely obsessed by theatre, but if I spend my day with people who don't know about theatre at all (at work, I mean), sometimes I like to discuss my art and work with people who have similar goals.

I guess this is probably asking a lot, and I didn't think about it too much last night, but this morning it occured to me.