Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

27 August 2004


The Compleat Female Stage Beauty is a reason that I would return to acting.  The part of Ned Kynaston is a role to kill for.  Really. 

Like Closer, another play that I love love love, Compleat Female Stage Beauty is being released as a film this year with Billy Crudup and Claire Danes.  They're calling it Stage Beauty and Jeffrey Hatcher, the playwright, has fashioned the screenplay.  The trailer looks very straight and not interested in Restoration homosexuality at all.  If so, the play loses almost all its historical and dramatic meaning for me.

Boo.  I have realized, though, after rewatching the trailer to Closer, that maybe it's just a bad trailer.  The film could still be okay.  But damn is that trailer a piece of shit.