Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

01 August 2004

Like the Counting Crows Song...

It felt like I wasted the day today, but it wasn't really wasted.  The thing is I woke up at noon and then kind of didn't leave my house until 9:00p and then only to go to the grocery for some chocolate cookie dough ice cream.

I woke up and made a Sausage Stew that I've made before.  I also made polenta.  They tell us polenta is this impossible thing to make.  I've been scared of it ever since I'd heard of it, but I made it today for the first time and I don't know why cooks are scared of it.  It was easy.  Really easy.  I didn't have any fresh herbs lying around, so it was kind of bland, but still good.

After I cooked I watched The Towering Inferno, one of the many disaster movies from the 1970's (The Poseidon Adventure, The Hindenburg, Airport, Earthquake, et al).  As is typical of these movies, there were too many plots and the film was too long and poorly directed.  It was okay, though, and Paul Newman and Steve McQueen star (their famous eyes sparkling at one another, I guess).  My girl Faye Dunaway was in it too, looking absolutely fucking gorgeous.  One of the many, too numerous subplots involved Jennifer Jones and Fred Astaire, way past their primes, falling in love.  It was kinda sweet, except Jennifer Jones bites it.  She should've lived.  I would've liked it better.  O.J. Simpson and Robert Wagner are also in it, and William Holden and Richard Chamberlain (so gay). 

I started reading Dry today.  Good times.  It's better than Running so far.  Dry possesses a plot, but hasn't lost any of the biting wit of Augusten Burrough's first book.  I have already burst out loud laughing once, and I've just finished Chapter Three: a good sign.