Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

24 August 2004

I just wanna have some fun

How weird is it that I wish there were actually more work to do here.  I hate feeling like there's nothing to do.

Steve (the boss) will be leaving for Brazil on Thursday and will not be back until September Seventh!!!  I am just delighted by this prospect.

I need to take the GRE... Anyone else taking it?  Perhaps that is what I will do right now.  I ought to see if I can take it at PCC since that school is so close to me.  I know CSUP has a GRE-prep class I can take.  Maybe PCC does too.

Looking for some education I made my way into the night / All that bullshit conversation / Baby can't you read the signs / I won't bore you with the details baby / I don't even wanna waste your time

I ain't Mister Right.