Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

25 August 2004

Sarcasm with a Light Cream Sauce: Voice Mail Edition

Recently, because of the new job search, I changed my outgoing voice mail message from the very fun "Waaaaw Waaaaw..... Bacon. Leave me a message." to the standard, more prospective-employer-friendly "Hello, you have reached the voice mail of Aaron Thomas.  Please leave me a message after the tone."

Most responses to the new message have been, "Booooooooooring," "How come your message is so crap?" and "I want something fun," etc.  You get the idea.

Two people--John Testro and my sister--have said "thank god you decided to be normal, finally."

Why would anyone want me to be normal and boring?  Why do some people dislike it when I don't do things the way other people do things?  Consequently, these people are people with whom I spend less and less time.  They don't want me to be myself.  They want me to be "normal."  Forget it.

That reminds me... the other day I was saying how one of the relics of my religious beliefs is my refusal to participate in the lottery.  When I was growing up, that was a sin: the sin of gambling.  Now, I naturally don't believe in sin anymore, being an athiest, but a few things in my life have hung on for dear life... like my refusal to buy a lottery ticket.  My sister was absolutely incredulous.  "You're an athiest.  Is there anything else like that in your life?"  "Sure," I said, "I still believe that god is going to send Mr. Right."  We had a good laugh about that.

At that point my dad pipes up, "I believe that too, just a little differently."

I laughed. 

Keep praying about it, Dad.

You have to let these things go.