Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

23 August 2004

In Stalker News...

Does anyone know the 1967 Disney movie-musical The Happiest Millionaire? I started it this evening but paused at the intermission because Eddie got home. I'll watch Act II tomorrow, I guess.

Burn the bridge / Bet the store

Anna finally called me today, and so did Derek. I haven't talked to these bastards in, like, a month. It's about damn time they called me.

Why do people feel the need to call me before I am awake? I don't particularly care for this. Saturday it was Testro at 10:00a and yesterday Nancy called at 10:00a to ask about my interview on Friday. And then today Derek called me at 7:30a to apologize for never calling me. On the weekends I am still asleep at 10:00a. Show me the people who are awake at this hour and keep me away from them. Note to everyone I know: I have been out partying until the wee hours of the morn. On the weekends it is safe to assume that I am dead to the world until at least noon.

It was an eventful week and I was quite cheery by the weekend and ready for a relaxing time.

Note: It's not a party unless someone is doing coke in the bathroom.

So I went to an event on Friday at Zach's house (part of the usual crew). In attendance: Dyson, Jai, Julie, Lisa, Jason & Alex (of the starbucks crew), Zach (naturally), and Chris. It was nice. I drank a lot. I'm an alcoholic now. There was drama, though, because Lisa decided to go through Zach's text message outbox. And it was a scandale royale let me tell you. He had some seriously kinky shit in there going to women other than Lisa. Not at all cricket. There were many tears. The zinger of the night was uttered by Lisa: "I just want to get up and leave. If he wants to talk to me he can text message me since he's so fucking good at it."

On Saturday I went to another hang-out that was supposed to be a party. John had invited me out with him, but I went to the "party" with Julie instead. In attendance: people from high school who were all older than I. Some of them looked better (which made me feel good) and some of them looked like absolute shit (which made me feel great). I drank 4 beers and didn't even have a buzz. I'm an alcoholic, I swear.

The Saturday thing was especially nice because Julie and I never go out just the two of us. So that was cool.

Looking at people from high school can be such a test of one's mettle. It has been six years since high school for me. For some of these people it has been over nine years. Some of them are doing really well and are on great tracks. I feel so happy for these people who seem happy and together. And when I remember how I was in high school: how I felt, what I thought, I think it is so incredible that I am where I am now. I am so grateful. So... relieved that I found what I want to do.

In stalker news... I found some pictures of this guy on their school website, and they, naturally, have his work phone number listed on the school directory.

What do I need with love? / I got it good / Got it good / But now I got it baaaaaaaaaaaaad.