Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

10 August 2004

Too Much

I think I might have ingested too much culture this evening.  I have been watching a lot of movies lately. 

I came home and watched First Love with Deanna Durbin from 1939.  There is no way to look at this Deanna Durbin chick and not think of Renée Zellweger.  And that just kinda makes me feel sick.  Boo to Renée Zellweger and boo to her Oscar.

After the movie, I decided to read a new play I got: Frozen by Bryony Lavery (a woman).  The play is very very interesting.  All or at least a large proportion of the new plays that get published read like poetry instead of dialogues/scenes.  A lot of them have this poetic/bodiless feel.  Like voices in the darkness.  Frozen has more structure than this, and has a couple of scenes, but it is structured like 3 monologues in a Dael Orlandersmith/Wallace Shawn kind of way.  I like this type of theatre.  It's interesting to me.  It's nothing like what Suzan-Lori Parks is doing, but it's still really cool and new.  Anyway, nobody is doing what Parks is doing.

After the play, I went to see I'll Sleep When I'm Dead.  The new Mike Hodges movie with Clive Owen.  I think I recently extolled the greatness pf their last collaboration: Croupier.  RENT THIS MOVIE.  But I'll Sleep When I'm Dead is nothing like it.  The script is not witty at all and is more of a meditation on grief and revenge than anything else: a subject I am beginning to tire of after all of last year's films on the topic.  Also, Clive Owen looks like crap through almost the entire film.  Shaggy, scruffy, filthy, emptying his pisspot into the street gutter, sleeping in a van, etc.  Worse than this, the subject matter has to do with a young man being raped by a much older man.  I don't know why this is so sensitive with me, but I have no interest in watching it.  I hate that this is soooo hateful and horrible.  Of course rape is awful, horrible, unconscionable.  But somehow I think that if one of their female friends had been raped, the men wouldn't have responded the same way.  It is still the homosexual nature of the act that is so hateful to these people, and that reminds me once again how much homosexual sex of any kind is feared and reviled in this world.

Whatever.  That's me on a bit of a soapbox and I'm not sure why.

Anyway, the movie doesn't really end, either.  It's missing a key scene.  And it's just not in the movie, and that's just supposed to be artsy.  Well, I would've liked to have seen the end.  Feel free to skip I'll Sleep When I'm Dead.  Feel free to rent Croupier.