Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

05 August 2004

Play Ball!

I went to a softball game last night... in Chino Hills. Zack was playing and Lisa was going to watch. Julie promised to go so Lisa wouldn't have to go by herself, and when I talked to Julie and we were planning to hang out, she suggested that Jaime and I come along to the game and then we could go to get coffee afterwards. First off, Chino Hills is far away, and I got to thinking about how Julie never wants to come toward me to hang out, but I have to let that go or I'll just be bitter. So I let it go. I got to this baseball field (Big League Dreams, it's called) in 35 minutes.

It was kinda cool. There are four games going on at once, and each softball game lasts one hour: they time that shit. It's VERY relaxed. They are all smoking and most of them are drinking beer. It was (frankly) really white trash, but kind of fun. I mean, all we did was root for Zack and the other players. Some of them take it seriously and buy cleats and batting gloves and stuff, others of them don't give a fuck and are out there in cons. I wonder how much the umps get paid.
Jaime asked me a random question about Designated Hitters and I launched into this whole explanation of baseball leagues and rules and nonsense. She knew nothing at all about baseball, and that surprised me, but then we were both surprised that I knew so much about it. I do know a lot about baseball. It's weird. I used to play, but it's kind of surprising that I amassed that much knowledge about it.

After the game (which lasted 1 hour: good times), Julie was ready to go to Starbucks... in Diamond Bar (on the way back to her house.) I said goodnight and Jaime said goodnight and we went to one on the way back to our houses. I drove all the way to Chino Hills; I wasn't prepared to drive from there to Diamond Bar and then all the way home. Too much carting my ass around for Julie's pleasure, really.

Jaime and I had a nice time all by ourselves in Montclair.