Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

02 August 2004

REVIEW: The Village

The Village doesn't suck at all.  It raises, in fact, a lot of provocative questions, some of which I am still pondering.  But it's not a scary movie.  It's not built to be a scary movie like we think of scary movies, and they shouldn't have sold it as one because it isn't one.  I can't really talk about the movie without giving anything away, but it's definitely worth seeing as a genre piece and for some really good acting.

I haven't been crazy about Joaquin Phoenix since 2000 (when he made The Yards, Gladiator and Quills), but he's really great in The Village.  The discovery of the film is the hugely talented Bryce Dallas Howard, though.  She's great, and I predict an Oscar nomination come February.  It may be to early for this, but there is definitely buzz for her on this front.  She's going to be the lead in Lars Von Trier's next movie, Manderlay, too, and we all know what that means: Pain & Suffering.  So we'll see about her.  Adrien Brody is the other lead in the cast, and he is great, too, although it's an odd part for a guy with a Best Actor Oscar.  Anyway.  The rest of the cast reads great: William Hurt (who's terribly boring in this), Cherry Jones (love her), Sigourney Weaver, Celia Weston and Brendan Gleeson.  While watching the movie I realized that I hate Michael Pitt.  I can't judge him without prejudice.  And it's because I loathe and despise Tommy Gnossis.  I almost can't bear to look at his pig face.  Grrr.