Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

31 August 2004

Shared Experience

Reading a book is so personal.  It's not really an experience you can share with your friends or loved ones.  I can recommend a movie to a friend, and even if we don't see it together, we can love it together: like when I recommended Gerry to Kristen.  But a book... Jaime and I read the same books rather frequently, but it's hard to really talk about them.  We both say, "I know, I know," but we can't really discuss the thing.  Sure we can compare books aesthetically.  This one time, Julie and I had the greatest conversation about why Orlando is so much better than Mrs. Dalloway.  But it's so hard to describe how I feel after reading something like Ariel or Flesh & Blood or Dry.  And yet to talk about a movie or a show is so easy.  Danny and I can talk easily about Intimate Apparel and Aaron and I can go on and on about Topdog/Underdog.  And we can talk about how we feel and what the show did to us and things like that: more than aesthetics.  I think this is why I love theatre: it is shared experience.  It is an event that hits me or affects me at the same time it is affecting someone else.