Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

15 August 2004

I started a story about how I got into theatre in the first place...

This boy who I thought was the hottest thing ever (he was a wrestler and a basketball player and his name was Ali) asked me if I was going to audition for the Christian acting troupe on campus.  This was in high school, and he wasn't that Christan and neither was I.  I was frankly surprised he was auditioning, but once he asked if I was, I was like, "Hell Yeah, I am."  I figured he was in for sure and if I got in we could spend loads of time together and he would slowly but surely become my best friend in the world (I didn't idealize sex then like I do now ;).  Anyway, long story short, he didn't audition and I did.  I got in of course... there weren't a lot of boys in drama.  After that burn I did two shows with the Christian troupe and then when they did Our Town at the school, I was like, "sorry, folks, I'm busy and I don't like the play."  But they had a drop-out, so they asked me to do Our Town and I did.  It's such a good play, but I, naturally, didn't appreciate it one bit.

I tell this story to give you some sense of perspective when I tell you that I joined the garden committee at my homeowner's association because the president of the committee (Dean) is hot and clearly gay and because we've flirted.  Naturally, you won't be surprised to hear that Dean is selling his unit, moving out, and no longer attending meetings of the garden committee.  So I endure them alone.  Fifty percent of the committee is certifiably insane.  I still go.  And boy do I feel like an asshole.