Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

09 August 2004

Coyotes in the City

Tonight I hung out with Elizabeth. It's so clear to me why she and Justin get on so well together. Justin, if he had the mind to, could easily be my best friend in the whole world. He's not; I just mean that I like him a hell of a lot. I think he's funny and intelligent, etc. (I don't want to go overboard here, so I'm stopping.) Elizabeth and I are seriously almost identical in personality, I think. Politically and morally I think we're certainly on the same page. But I think we have the same sense of humor and similar ideals in terms of society... I dunno exactly, but I think we're really similar.
Elizabeth and I went to El Cholo and then to the Paseo to see Collateral and then to the Yard House for a beer. The Yard House is really cool. I'd definitely go there again. Hip place with cool decor and not-too-expensive beer. They have about a hundred bers on tap, which is really cool too. The only thing is there's usually this huge line on weekends, so when I go back, I'll want to go on a weekday... and the weekdays when I can drink are few.
Elizabeth and I ran into Bill Morse, his wife Joyce and their son Matthew, too. They were going to see Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Big surprise. Stoners.

I think Elizabeth is the kind of girl I would have married if I were doing the whole "I'm a straight guy" thing. And then she would have found out about my homosexuality and then hated me for the rest of her life. Whew. Good thing I'm out of the closet so we can get along.

One more thing. This is my coworker's one-year-old son, Christian James: