Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

26 August 2004


Wow. I feel groggy and weird. I think it is lack of caffeine. I really oughtta get some in my system, but everyone is gone and I can't leave the office anymore.

I need a boyfriend so that he can bring me coca-cola in times like these.

Fuck I'm really tired, but I'm visiting my folks tonight after work and then Jaime and I are meeting the friends down in Fullerton.

News about my show: Rick is pestering Marie for a copy so's he can read it. Cool. That means he A) doesn't hold a grudge about not getting Petruchio and B) he doesn't care about Linda's show. Good for me. I'm gonna need 2 males for sure, but three would be really nice.

I'm learning Spanish in my car. I started today. The Bus Stop. La pareda de los autobuses. The Ticket Window. La taquilla. The Ticket. El billete.