Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

27 August 2004

Chinese Female Divers

After visiting with my folks in La Verne for dinner, I went to Claremont to meet Jaime and ran into .  Crazy.  Crazier because I was supposed to be meeting Jaime in Diamond Bar.  Oops.  Damned Inland Empire.  So of course I was late.

Jaime and John and I drove to Brea to see the girls.  Julie, Anna, Lisa, Chris and Anita were all there.  All the girls are single again, I guess.  Strange.  I had beer.  Just two, though.

The suitcase. La maleta. The suitcases. Las maletas. My suitcase. Mi maleta. My suitcases.  Mis maletas.  My luggage.  Mi equipaje.

The CDs are actually quite boring.  If I weren't really interested in Spanish or languages in general, I think I might fall asleep while this fool is talking about autobuses and shit.