Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

30 August 2004

IM evening.

Actual conversation from tonight:

Pr4manceJunky: haha
Pr4manceJunky: im in hardcore training
Pr4manceJunky: like every night till 9 or 11
Girmo2003: training to be hardcore?
Pr4manceJunky: uh huh
Pr4manceJunky: im in the advanced worksop
Girmo2003: I would've thought you were teaching.
Girmo2003: They won't let me...
Girmo2003: they're afraid I'll injure someone.
Pr4manceJunky: hahah you are overwhelmingly hardcore
Girmo2003: like porn.
Girmo2003: good porn, anyway.
Pr4manceJunky: hahaha
Pr4manceJunky: sometimes it is just too hardcore
Pr4manceJunky: porn that is
Girmo2003: too hardcore?
Girmo2003: Lies, Christina.
Pr4manceJunky: haha
Pr4manceJunky: shut up Donnie
Girmo2003: Well if you can't make it on the 17th, then I guess it'll be fags' night out.

I also had an IM conversation and then a phone conversation with Kathy Vega, with whom I was in a theatre company years ago called Second Street Project.  I hadn't talked to her in years.