Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

28 August 2004

'Cause I'm a Slave for You...

I'm such a slave to fashion. It's so much harder when one has no money to spend, but it can be done.

After waking up and watching Barry Levinson's Avalon, I talked to  and  for a while.  I must've offended Kim 'cause all of a sudden she was like "Peace Out" and then got off of AIM rather brusquely.  Was it something I said?

So I decided, after, cleaning my room and the kitchen, that I would go off on a shopping excursion.  I really wanted some lighter-toned dress shoes.  So, naturally I headed to Cole Haan at the Paseo, where they seemed only to have shoes in dark browns and coffees.  I headed out of there and off to Macy's.  But no.  On the way I passed one of those leather stores that's selling shit at discount rates.  They had an enormous Kenneth Cole selection.  I found two pair that I really liked in there.  One was $150 and the other was $50.  Psh.  I was like, "Wrap that shit up."  A pair of shoes for $50?!??!  I haven't purchased a pair of shoes for so little in about two years.  That felt good.

Then I went to the grocery.  There was a homeless man wearing--I swear this is true--only a flannel shirt wrapped around his waist.  In addition, this lone garment was hanging very low; I would even venture to say dangerously low.  He looked like one of those Abercrombie models who wear next to nothing and try to sell clothes, except that this guy was unshaven and smelly and had an enormous pot belly.

I spent very little money at the grocery, as well.  Fuck!  I forgot limes.  I just realized.