Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

25 August 2004

I went to bed early last night, so I could get up early and spend some morning-time at my house. So I am up and reading blogs and laughing and having the best coffee in the world.

Two words: Ethiopa Yergacheffe.

Come on baby / Let your love come out

Kevin called me yesterday (!) to tell me that he finished reading Pterodactyls. This made me sad all over again. He would have been absolutely perfect for Todd and I think we would have had a lot of fun with that show. What I mean is that I think he would have instinctively understood what needed to be done with that character. He can still play Michael in Valparaiso, but it won't be so much of a stretch for him, I think. Pterodactyls would have really stretched him. Ah well. He seemed really sad that we weren't doing Pterodactyls, too. He asked me about Valparaiso and I said, "Oh, it's really fucked up; I'm not sure how to describe it." He said, "So it's an Aaron Thomas play." Yeah. Basically.

Pause. [edit]


I am still throwing around the idea of whether or not I want to do Midsummer with Linda and Peter. I guess I should just say yes, but I'm still not sure WHY we're doing these Shakespeare things. I guess if it's a favor to Linda it's good to do, but still...

This comes back to the question that we should be asking every time we do a show: WHY??? Peter Brook's book The Empty Space keeps asking "Why theatre at all?" and I think this is the perfect question. Not just "why this show?", but "why theatre?" Shouldn't we be asking that every day? Why not just all go into the cinema? My answer to myself is: Suzan-Lori Parks. She, for me, is THE innovator.

More on this later. Must go shower.