Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

07 March 2004

Best Weekend in a While

Yeah, so today was like old times in so many ways.  As posted earlier, I watched the John Lasseter movie A Bug's Life.  Such good times.  Then I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyooooond to look for draperies.  I found very little stuff that liked, but I did settle on some sheer linen drapes in eggshell that were made in Turkey.  (Always trust any fabric that says 'made in Turkey.')  I couldn't find anything heavier to go over them that I liked.  But there certainly are other places than Bed Bath & Beyond.  I will shop for additional curtains next week perhaps.

Then I went to Jonny's grave, which I haven't seen in a while.  Not sure why I still go, but I feel that if I go I am taking an active role in remembering him, not just passively going "oh, yeah, him, that boy."  If I make myself visit his grave every once in a while, I am forced to deal with the reality of his absence.

Then I spent some time with Jaime and Derek at our old stomping grounds: the Claremont Village.  We went to Rhino (where I bought Miss Saigon (UK) and Little Shop.)  I love buying used cast recordings.  It's the only way to go now that I finally decided that I like musical theatre to a certain extent (this does not extend to the LaChiusa Wild Party or that Webber trash Starlight Express/Jesus Christ Superstar.) 

Derek dropped a bomb on us that is going on in his house and Jaime discussed her mother and that nightmare.  Then we went to eat at Mimi's like we used to and we discussed my university plans.  They will both have to get PhDs too.  We had a long talk about our goals and dreams and stuff, then we went back to Claremont and stood in the parking lot for so long talking about Senator Kerry and Bush and Howard Stern and the FCC and other political stuff, and then we moved on to the moon and science.  They are so fucking intelligent and I am so lucky to call them my friends.  These are my two best friends in the whole world.  This really hit home to me today.  These are the people who I believe in and trust more than anyone else.