Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

31 March 2004

Work Work Work

I just let out a lamaze sigh.  Work is very busy today.  I suppose it will be until 15 April.  Yikes.  That is a long way away.  I do not want to be this busy for that long.  It is tiring in this office.  The boss is at the tax office (his house) and he calls every ten minutes to give me something new to do.  At least he's not here terrorizing me.

I really want to go see The Royal Family at the Ahmanson.  Does anyone else want to go?

Tonight, I think I am going to head out to Westwood to see Fellini's I Vitelloni.  I just feel like taking a drive and going across town.  Anyone who wants to can join me...

Last night I visited my friends Chris & Kim Thomas after doing my brother a favor (he's refinancing his house... good for him!).  I also watched the 1967 classic film The Dirty Dozen.  It's not really a WWII film, but it's set in '44 and is about a fictional mission from WWII.  John Cassavetes is great in it, and Lee Marvin is damn funny.  I've decided I like Lee Marvin.

Who's your daddy?

This week has been kind of nice.  I have sort of eased the pressure off of myself for not having a life plan just at this moment.  Soon I will get up the nerve/courage/ambition to hunt for PhD/MfA programs.  Maybe next week.  Love's Labour's Lost is supposed to start this weekend.  Actually I think it's supposed to be at 11am on Saturday.  No late sleeping this weekend.  Ah well.  Gee, it's only Wednesday, but Thursday I am headed out to CSUP to a rehearsal of Cloud 9 with my notepad in tow.  Saturday I'm gonna see a bare production of David and Lisa at Los Altos High School.

Netflix is acting up again.... Grr.