Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

18 March 2004

I have made myself the strongest cup of coffee ever. Yum.

A most extraordinary thing happened to me this morning...
Yesterday I received a mailer from Project Angel Food, and I decided that I was going to send them money. So, as I am paying my bills yesterday, I decide to send them a check. As I'm writing it, though, I begin to think what else I could do with that money... like pay off some more of my mortgage on my house... we're not talking frivolity here, although shoes are becoming more like a necessity than a luxury. Damn this coffee is strong.
I wrote Project Angel Food the check anyway. I'd link to the website, but I can't get my rich text mode to work.
After I paid my bills I headed to my parents to drop off the income tax software and then we chatted for a long while. I had received some mail, which they gave to me in a great pile... there was a lot.
My parents and I are such good friends now. We joke. We laugh. We have a great time as long as my brother and sister aren't both there as well. All 5 of us... no fun. No matter how you change the dynamic, if all 5 are there, it's not a good time.
I went to Kim's house and partook of her very nice hospitality after that. Jer & Jen were there and Justin & Elizabeth (why do people feel the need to call her Liz when she never calls herself that?) and Caloca & Kim, of course, and me and Wahima and much much later Ashley with Matt in tow (or the other way around)... I had a very nice time and Caloca got me and Justin a good bottle of Shiraz which mostly I drank... Justin was sick. But the point is... I didn't open my mail til this morning.
What do you know, but Source Capital Inc, in which I own a small number of shares of stock issued me a dividend check of exactly the amount that I had written to the charity the night before!
I don't want to make too big a deal about it, but I am not exactly raking in the dough as of now, so the money is needed. Extra money like money for charities really doesn't exist.

This next paragraph is stylized for James Ray:
Like, I wish I didn't, like, have to, like, go to work, like in the next 10 minutes.
Okay I got tired of that.

Caloca gave me good advice with LLL last night and I will take that advice at lunch when I finish cutting the bastard. It's quite a play, really. But it's gonna be a bear to work on.
I was thinking about Michael McLean and what he said to me about departments using people... I mean, I guess I am being used to a certain extent, but what is there to do about it? I could say no and then have nothing of real interest to work on. I could go get another theatre job, I guess... Honestly, though, the money is better at CSUP. I know that's hard to believe, but it's true.