Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

21 March 2004

Oh the Cleverness of Me

After TEN--count them, TEN--hours, the other players conceded the win to me. That is too many fucking hours to spend playing a GAME for Chrissakes. I mean, it is fun and all, but that's a whole damn day! Although, I did finish a play: Valparaiso by Don DeLillo, which I am POSITIVE I want to direct soon.

So, LJ friends... Disneyland on Friday? I don't get off work until 2, but we could meet somewhere in the park if y'all wanted to go earlier, or we could meet somewhere in Pomona and go together, or something! Before you go back to school. The Mouse beckons. Lemme know.

I have deep conversation in my head, but I am going to go to bed early and get up and watch a movie. I'm knackered.