Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

24 March 2004

Better Mood Today.

My dad is so sweet.  He sent me an email this morning.

The party for Anz was great, but this is the thing... my friends do this thing with going out to eat for each friend's birthday.  It's a little much in terms of $$.  I thought we were going to jettison this method of doing things when I (who love dining out more than anyone in the group) requested that we not dine out in order to be kind to their pocketbooks.  But I also should recognize that I am not a trend-setter here.  It is Julie who sets trends/rules/moods.  Not that I'm bitter, really.  That's just how things go.  But the way we do things now, I spend $40 on a gift and then $30 on the meal.  That's a lot of dough.  Hmm.

But it was a nice time.  Sarah came and I was so glad.  She and D and I sat on one end of the table.  It was (clockwise from Anz in the center) Anz, D, Sarah, me, Zack, Lisa, Bobby, and Julie.  Chris and Anita came later, and then when we went back to the apartment Jaime and Dyson were there.  Sarah and D and Anna and I talked a lot.  It was very nice and it was a good birthday party.  My gift was a hit.  Sarah is so funny!  She actually brought me the CD of MasterCook and we can carry on a normal conversation the whole night without it ever being weird or having to down dozens of shots of tequila.  (Although I did have a $7 margarita.)

Called mom last night, too.  Mick was leaving for Ohio as I called.  She says, "If you die, I love you."  I'm thinking, "And if he lives...?"

Marian Seldes is in the new show at the Ahmanson, and I have to go.  I love her.  I started a Pinter play last night... forget what it is called, but I was rereading Old Times.  SO fucking good.  I love Pinter.  All of that resentment and hate and struggling for power.  All those pauses.  All that fucking silence!  Good stuff.

This is what happens when I have coffee first thing in the morning.

When is Harry Potter 6 coming out?  I can't wait.