Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

12 March 2004

Room at the Top Review

I have to tell you all about this movie Room at the Top that I watched last night.  It was excellent.  I watch so many good movies in my life.  This movie is one of the reasons that Netflix and I are friends again.  You just can't get movies like this at Blockbuster or Hollywood.  Anyway...

Room at the Top is a British import made in 1959 starring Laurence Harvey as this yuppie from a small British town.  For a while he is just sullen about how everyone is rude to him about his class, and then he decides to go after the girl in town with the richest dad... she's also cute and young and nubile and all that.  Meanwhile, he starts fucking this older woman on the side... because he actually cares about her.  From here there is a lot of melodrama, and a lot of really nice touching love scenes.  It ends tragically, but way better than I thought it would end.  Instead of picking the two or three really easy ways out, it chooses the hardest, cruelest way out... the way that makes the story about class struggles in Britain and succeeds in making the film a real tragedy.  Damn good film.  It also stars Simone Signoret (who won an Oscar as the older woman), and Hermione Baddeley (who played the chambermaid in Mary Poppins.)  Laurence Harvey isn't as dreamy here as he is in, say Darling or BUtterfield 8, but that's okay.  He's trying the acting thing instead of the whole matinee idol thing.

If we legalize homosexual marriage, the next thing people will want to do is marry Kristy. 

Grrr. I hate her.