Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

28 March 2004


I think that maybe the whole job search thing on the internet is perhaps a little silly. I mean, how am I going to find a steady job at a theatre in this city? It's just not gonna happen. I NEED a steady job. I can't just farm out my services on some kind of week by week basis for anybody. I can't afford to do it. This is why I am looking for a career in education in the first place. I just can't take the instability. Forming my own company is a whole separate dream for which I need someone ELSE. Someone who can plan and decide things and help me because I am not the type of person who can DO that.
If Nancy quits, I guess I'll get more hours, and if I get more hours I'll be happier with my work. If she stays there I really need to think about getting another job... even if it's in the accounting field. If Linda could hire me fulltime next year that would be an option, but she just won't and it's silly of me to entertain this notion.
I dunno. Perhaps I should have spent my day researching PhD programs instead of researching employment.
I saw The Shop on Main Street today. It was excellent, and it started me thinking about heaven.
What a ludicrous idea heaven is. I mean, the more I think about it, the more implausible it sounds. Like Tom Stoppard says in Arcadia when he calls it the great get-together in the sky. I can see why so many people believe in Heaven. It's really a wonderful idea, but that just makes it seem all the more silly.